Spinal traction promotes disc healing


A group of UK researchers have conducted a series of experiments that have provided an insight into the mechanisms, by which spinal traction assists with disc healing. They compared both normal and degenerated discs that have been managed with and without traction and found marked differences between the groups. The degenerated disc group that underwent traction showed improved healing within the gross and microscopic structures of the disc.

In fact the traction produced markedly better healing and recovery of disc fibres in the traction group. But more specifically they showed traction actually unblocks microscopic pathways within the disc that allow both the nutrition and waste removal of the disc. It is suggested disruption of these pathways literally starves the disc and produces premature disc degeneration.
Frustratingly, I frequently see patients who have endured more back pain than they should have due to inappropriate or ineffective management. On visiting TASC and being prescribed a treatment program using specific spinal traction many of these patients experience rapid positive results.

I recommend this study as it not only provides a mechanism for traction accelerating disc healing in the acute patient but also illustrates the benefits of using traction in the ongoing management of back pain patients.

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