Upper Cervicle Syndrome

Do you suffer from symptoms such as Neck pain/stiffness, reduced range of motion and headaches? You may be experiencing the effects of The Upper Cervical Syndrome (UCS), a functional disorder.

The UCS is a collection of signs and symptoms caused by dysfunction of the upper part of the neck. Many people with UCS get different symptoms from dysfunction of the same part of the neck. This is caused by a range of different mechanisms. One mechanism has to do with the location of the cervical ganglion (nerve junctions) relative to the joints. If the ganglion sits over the bone it is safe. However, if the ganglion sits too close to a joint or a muscle it gets irritated when the joint is not moving properly and/or the muscle spasms. The pressure on the ganglion can cause the symptoms above, along with some more severe symptoms such as:
• Dizziness
• Blurred vision
• Tinnitus
• Nausea

Restoring motion to the upper part of the neck relieves these symptoms. Chiropractic spinal manipulations are advocated for the treatment of neck pain and the upper cervical syndrome. If you experience any of the symptoms of UCS, or know someone who does, then it might be worthwhile contacting the centre to have a check-up.

We can provide you with a comprehensive treatment and management plan to suit your needs.

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