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Posture Correction

Postural Correction 1 We all know poor posture is not good for our appearance, but did you know poor posture can also have negative effect on your general health? Poor posture can affect your breathing; cause back, neck and shoulder pain; increase fatigue; inhibit digestion; and create problems with your sleep. Poor posture may be triggered by pain in other parts of your body which you are trying to compensate for. This is why The Ashgrove Centre’s chiropractor, Dr Robert Bailey, will as you about your posture. It can assist him in diagnosing the reason for your pain, and by improving your posture, Dr Bailey can also help you improve your general health and long term wellbeing.

Correct posture allows you to keep the head in midline, stand correctly so as not to put additional pressure on your spin and have good balance. Dr Bailey will prescribe you exercises to help you keep your head, neck and spine in correct alignment.

Lifestyle factors can contribute to Poor Posture

Posture can be influenced by lifestyle factors including:

•   Lack of exercise
•   Being overweight or obese
•   Sitting for long periods
•   Poor head position
•   Stress

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Treatment of Poor Posture


Poor posture is usually accompanied by pain; so our initial treatment plan will be focused on reducing pain and maintaining movement. Treatment options include:

  • Manual therapy – as qualified health professional, Dr Bailey may use spinal adjustments, manipulation, traction or other manual therapies to help relieve pain and correct your condition.
  • Heat and cold therapy – hot and cold packs applied to the area of pain may be helpful in relieving pain temporarily.
  • Relative rest – this may mean temporarily reducing activity such as sport and heavy lifting.
  • Exercise – Dr Bailey can prescribe an individual exercise program for you. Your exercise may include stretching, mobility and strengthening exercises targeting the muscles that stabilise and support your back.


After you are out of acute pain, Dr Bailey will start to address the reasons for your bad posture and introduce a treatment plan designed specifically to improve your posture. Your treatment plan may include spinal adjustments, manipulation, traction or other manual therapies, real time ultra sound, taping, exercisers and assessment of the ergonomics in your home, work and car. See our work place assessment and car posture guides in The Ashgrove Spinal Centre Mobile App for help in this area.

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