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Posture Analysis – Dynamic Posturography (CAPS)

Computerized Assessment of Postural Stability (CAPS), aka Sensory Integration with Regard to Balance, is the gold standard for measuring deviations in your ability to maintain efficient balance. There are many reasons your balance might be impaired and many individuals are not even aware that there are deficiencies in their ability to maintain efficient balance; which left unchecked can lead to potentially serious injury! Potential candidates for CAPS testing include those with:

•   Vertigo/Dizziness

•   Diabetic neuropathy

•   Age related balance impairments

•   Brain injury/Stroke

•   Spine/Spinal cord injuries

•   Multiple Sclerosis

•   Clumsiness/Poor balance

•   Arnold-Chiari malformation

•   Decreased athletic performance

•   Those looking to enhance athletic performance

•   Many, many others

In addition to accurately detecting many types of balance impairments, CAPS can be used to assist in rehabilitating these impairments with creative, and sometimes complex, balance training programs.

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