A recent study released by The National Centre for Biotechnology Information, (NCBI) has shown what Chiropractors have been telling patients for years. Even patients suffering with severe back pain, have an excellent chance of making a full recovery, when treated using appropriate chiropractic management, as opposed to undergoing invasive back surgery.

The study concentrated on 1885 workers experiencing severe back pain and found 9.2% of this group had subsequent back surgery. A more detailed inspection of the management patterns within the group found that 42.7% of the 171 workers who initially visited a surgeon went on to have subsequent spinal surgery. While in contrast only 1.5% of 542 workers who first visited a Chiropractor underwent subsequent spinal surgery.

A remarkable 98% of patients undergoing Chiropractic management experienced a significant reduction or elimination of their back pain. Therefore it is probably not surprising the study showed higher rates of patient satisfaction in the group that undertook Chiropractic management.

This paper shows the initial advice a patient with severe back pain receives has a massive influence on the treatment they undertake. In this study patients who use the ‘Gatekeeper’ system and use their General Practitioner as their only point of care are much more likely to be referred to a surgeon and therefore much more likely to undergo surgery.

I wonder how many patients who undergo surgery for sever back pain could have experienced similar or even better results if they had been referred to a Chiropractor?

The message from this study is Chiropractic management is a safe, effective and proven in the successful management of back pain.

So are you or someone you know, suffering from low back pain?


Then perhaps you should consider a Chiropractor?

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