Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week

On average, every four days in Queensland, one person sustains a spinal cord injury. This is 90 people a year in just Queensland alone who find themselves with this injury.

There are many ways someone may find themselves suffering from a spinal cord injury, but some of the more popular reasons include car accidents, water diving accidents, elderly falls and sports. The damage from these types of injuries can be complete or incomplete, depending on the degree of injury to the nerve fibres. Incomplete injury may result in movement and sensation irregularities and a complete injury means total loss of movement and sensation – permanent paralysis.

6 Ways to Prevent Spinal Cord Injuries

  1. In motor vehicles, always wear seat belts. Car crashes are one of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries. So when in a car make sure to drive safely, wear your seat belt, and check that your children wear a seat belt or use and age and weight appropriate child safety seat. Further protect your child, by not allowing children under the age of 12 ride in the front seat.
  2. People who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not drive; nor should any passenger get into a car with an impaired person at the wheel.
  3. Don’t dive into shallow water. Unless a pool is 9 feet (about 3 meters) or deeper, do not dive into the pool. This goes for more than just pools; you should not dive into any water you do not know the depth of.
  4. Elderly people are more prone to spinal cord injuries from falls. Many modifications can be made in the home to minimise the risk of falls. We recommend keeping the floor space clear, wearing non-slip shoes around the house, and adding secure banisters, railings and grab bars in the bathroom and around the house as needed. Research indicates many falls can be prevented. The best way to prevent falls is to get a falls assessment. Depending on the cause of your balance disorder, treatments may vary. Some of the common treatments for falls, The Ashgrove Spinal Centre provides.
  1. If you have children or welcome children into your house, your home should be equipped with safety gates and window guards. This along with supervision will help prevent falls down stairs, off furniture and out windows.
  2. Make sure you or your child take precaution when playing sports. Always wear recommended safety gear (such as helmets) and avoid leading with your head in any sport. Swimmers should make sure water is deep enough for diving and gymnasts should always use spotters when learning new moves.

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